Sunday, 13 January 2013

British Tourism Part Three - Ireland

We all know the Republic of Ireland isn’t part of the United Kingdom – only Northern Ireland is still part of ‘the Kingdom’ as the kids call it. However, the whole body of land is still part of the British Isles which is why I’m counting Northern Ireland and the Republic as a single item on the list. No, you can’t stop me. Like it or not, enemies or friends, we’ll always be neighbours. Part One was Wales and Part Two was Scotland, and now we reach Part Three: Eire! Hibernia! Ogygia! The isle of Mists, the isle of Emeralds: Ireland.

Needless to say, the first person who cracks a leprechaun joke is going to be the least popular concussion patient in any of the Dublin hospitals.

sexy leprechaun irish tourism
No! I said NO!

You’ll need a passport to travel between the Kingdom and the Republic, but apparently the border guards will accept a driving license if you’re a local who’s driving or taking the ferry. After the click, amongst the giants, druids and stout* I’ll surprise you with some dolphins.

*stout is a type of beer

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